Our projects

Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship

The Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship helps young scientists in the field of natural sciences balance competitive scientific work with high-quality care for preschool-age children.

Stipends are awarded for a single calendar year in the amount of CZK 150,000. They are primarily intended for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows at the beginning of their career and in a difficult life situation, who are  the primary caregiver of a preschool child and at the same time conduct competitive research in the field of natural sciences at universities or research institutes in the Czech Republic.

Neuron & IOCB Tech Internships in Israel

Together with the Neuron Endowment Fund we started new student scholarship program Neuron & IOCB Tech Internships in Israel, which aims to transfer foreign knowledge to Czech science – Czech university students will conduct their own research in Israel, and learn about the Israeli scientific ecosystem with a focus on transferring scientific knowledge into practice and commercialization.