Scientific Prizes of the French Embassy & Sounds of Science

For the second year in a row, we are excited to support the Scientific Prizes of the French Embassy, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, particularly the Jean-Marie Lehn Prize, which established the tradition in 1994. Along with the award, we also support the "Sounds of Science" event, a public scientific conference organized by the French Embassy and the French Institute in Prague.

European Festival of Philosophy 2024

We supported the 18th annual European Festival of Philosophy in Velké Meziříčí, organized by the Jupiter Club Cultural Center in collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University. This year's theme is "Natural vs. Artificial."

SciComHub association

We have supported the SciComHub association which focuses on building a community of science communicators. Its goal is to connect the scientific environment and science communication enthusiasts with professionals from scientific institutions, experts from creative professions, and individuals with relevant experience from other fields.

Faculty of Science, Charles University

We supported the financing of scholarships for doctoral and master's students at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, going on internships abroad, with an amount of CZK 300,000. (March 2024)

Ask a Scientist (Zeptej se vědce)

With the amount of CZK 520,000, we supported the Institut pro komunikaci vědy (Institute for Communicating Science), primarily the development of the website for its outreach project Zeptej se vědce (Ask a Scientist). (February 2024)

Arachne association (Sdružení Arachne)

We have supported the activities of the Arachne association (Sdružení Arachne) with an amount of 300,000 CZK. This organization operates under the auspices of the Biological Section of the Faculty of Science at Charles University and organizes various biological camps for high school students.

Charles University Endowment Fund

We contributed CZK 250,000 to the Charles University Endowment Fund to support families of victims, teachers, and students affected by the tragic shooting at the Faculty of Arts on December 21, 2023. (December 2023)

Dream Chemistry Award 2023

We supported the international competition Dream Chemistry Award 2023 in Prague with an amount of EUR 14,000. (December 2023)

The House of Children and Youth of the capital Prague

We supported the activities of the chemistry and biology laboratory and other specialized interest groups at the Natural Science Station of the House of Children and Youth of the capital Prague with an amount of CZK 400,000. (December 2023)