In 2024–2025, we are supporting the "Roma Scholarships" program by ROMEA o.p.s. with an annual contribution of 500,000 CZK. The scholarships are available through an open academic competition to Roma students attending secondary schools, higher vocational schools, and universities who are citizens of the Czech Republic.

The Roma Scholarships program empowers Roma students on their educational journey. In the long term, this aims to enhance the social, political, and economic strength of Roma as individuals and as representatives of Roma communities. The project also strives to boost Roma students' confidence in their own abilities and strength and to involve them in decision-making processes that can address societal and structural inequalities.

Since its inception in 2016, the Roma Scholarships program has supported over 600 students.

ROMEA o.p.s. was established in 2002 with a mission to unite citizens of Roma and Czech nationality who are committed to improving the coexistence between the Roma and Czech peoples. ROMEA has consistently highlighted the existence of discrimination and differing treatment based on ethnic background and addresses these issues through its media outreach. By striving for objective journalism and through educational support, ROMEA seeks to dismantle ingrained stereotypes about the Roma minority and foster mutual understanding and respect.