Supported projects

Centre of Administration and Operations of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Donation: CZK 7,000,000

The donation supports five child care groups established by the Centre of Administration and Operations of the Czech Academy of Sciences for the children of employees of CAS institutes and their foreign interns. The groups offer all-day care for children from 12, 18, or 24 months.

MIT-Czech Republic Seed Fund

Donation: USD 100,000 (CZK 2,371,000)

The donation to the MIT-Czech Republic Seed Fund, supports the establishment of collaboration between researchers from the Czech Republic with those of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The fund thus continues in the support initiated by its founder company IOCB Tech in 2021.

Czexpats in Science

Donation: CZK 1,500,000

For three years (2022-2024), we will support the activities of Czexpats in Science with CZK 500,000 annually. The aim of the association is to connect Czech scientists abroad with each other and with scientists and scientific institutions in the Czech Republic, to support their mobility, to help them find their way in the Czech scientific environment and to facilitate their return to the Czech Republic.

State Scientific Institution “Institute for Single Crystals” of NASU

Donation: USD 20,000

Institute for Single Crystals in Kharkiv is one of the leading R&D centers in Ukraine in the field of material science, physics, chemistry and pharmacy. Like many other institutions, the institute has been severely damaged during Russia's current war of aggression against Ukraine. The successful advancement of the UAF opened up space to recover from the damage and restore the research activities. However, Ukrainian institutions have been cut off from international grant programs and the Ukrainian government has been forced to reduce science funding for science. Therefore, we donated USD 20,000 to help the institute recover from the attack.

Jaroslav Heyrovský Endowment Fund

Donation: CZK 200,000

The donation supports the search for gifted students and care for their further professional and personal growth.

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Donation: CZK 180,000

The donation provides special financial support to six master or postgraduate students for one year.

Facts on Climate project

Donation: CZK 150,000

We supported the preparation of the new edition of the Climate Change Atlas published by the Facts on Climate project. The Atlas was published in 2020 to provide up-to-date and validated data on climate change and to promote debate on the topic.