Frequently asked questions

Who is the fellowship for?

The stipend is primarily intended for PhD students, as well as early career postdoctoral fellows, who are in a difficult life situation and are trying to combine competitive research with quality childcare.

In what fields does the applicant have to do their research?

The stipend is for applicants working in natural sciences at any university or research institute in the Czech Republic. Typically, these are fields that fall under the 1st and 2nd research areas in the division used by the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Do both parents have to meet the conditions of the grant?

The conditions apply only to the applicant.

Are there any age limits for my child?

The grant is intended for parents of preschool children, primarily children under the age of 4. The purpose of the grant is to allow you to combine your scientific work with caring for a child in a complicated life situation where this is not possible or it is difficult for some objective reason.

The grant is not intended to replace the available childcare in state preschool institutions, but to provide this care in situations where the services of these institutions are not available (e.g. due to the age of the child and lack of available places, special family situation, the nature of their research or planned activities, e.g. due to the need to travel with the child to a foreign internship or conference).

What can I use the stipend for?

The funding is primarily intended to cover childcare services, such as pre-school education, a stay in a play area or babysitting for times when you need to be at your workplace, studying or perhaps travelling to a conference or field trip with your child. (Read how the fellowship helped Katerina Sam from the Biology Center of the CAS.)

Can I apply for the grant for a period longer than 1 year?

The grant is for one calendar year only.

Can I reapply for the grant?

You can reapply for the grant as long as you meet the conditions and have not been awarded the grant in the past.

How should I acknowledge the fellowship in publications?

You can indicate the support in publications for example as follows:

This work was supported by the Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship granted by the IOCB Tech Foundation.

XY is grateful for the financial support of the Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship granted by the IOCB Tech Foundation.