Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of science and the application of its results in society while strengthening public awareness of the fundamental contributions of scientific research. We directly support scientists, students, various organizations, and initiatives. In the first two years, we have provided foundation grants to dozens of beneficiaries totaling over CZK 33 million.

Here you can see our projects and supported initiatives.

Our projects

Discover more about our projects that provide direct support to scientists and students, as well as various initiatives aimed at fostering scientific collaboration and the exchange of experience. Our mission is also to promote science popularization and provide financial support to advance research and education.


Our partnerships

We support selected organizations and projects through multi-year partnerships to enhance their stability and enable their continued growth and development. These long-term collaborations are designed to provide sustained support, ensuring these organizations can achieve their full potential and make significant contributions to their fields.


We support

In addition to providing multi-year support, we also offer one-off foundation contributions to various organizations and interesting projects that align with our mission. These one-time grants are intended to give a boost to innovative initiatives, helping them overcome initial hurdles and achieve impactful results in their respective areas.

Other contributions: