IOCB Tech Foundation merged with Martina Roeselová Foundation


On the basis of the merger agreement from 13 October 2022, IOCB Tech Foundation merged with Martina Roeselová Foundation. Our foundation is the successor entity, Martina Roeselová Foundation ceased to exist. Read more

With Kateřina Sam on Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship, science and family


Kateřina Sam, a recipient of the Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship, returned to České Budějovice in 2017 to head the Laboratory of Multitrophic Interactions at the Institute of Entomology of the Biological Centre of the CAS. A year later she received the prestigious ERC Starting Grant. Read more

Accepting applications for the Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship 2023


IOCB Tech Foundation accepts applications for the Martina Roeselová Memorial Fellowship for 2023. Stipends in the amount of CZK 150,000 for one year support young researchers in the field of natural sciences who strive combining competitive scientific research with care for a preschool child or children. Read more

We will merge with Martina Roeselová Foundation


Our foundation has agreed with the Martina Roeselová Foundation to merge and take over its philanthropy. Read more

Supporting child-care groups of the Czech Academy of Sciences


The foundation supported with the amount of CZK 7 milion five child care groups established by the Centre of Administration and Operations of the Czech Academy of Sciences for the children of employees of CAS institutes and their foreign interns. Read more

Stipends for successful students at UCT Prague


We donated CZK 180 thousand to the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. The donation provides special financial support to six master or postgraduate students for one year. Read more

Awards for successful students and their mentors


With CZK 200,000, we supported the Jaroslav Heyrovský Endowment Fund and its Jaroslav Heyrovský Award for gifted high school students and their teachers and mentors who support them in their growth. Read more

USD 100 thousand to support new collaborations with MIT researchers


The donation of USD 100 thousand to the MIT-Czech Republic Seed Fund will support the establishment of collaboration between researchers from the Czech Republic with those of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The fund thus continues in the support initiated by its founder company IOCB Tech in 2021. Read more

IOCB Tech Foundation established


The aim of the newly established IOCB Tech Foundation is to support the long-term development of research, the transfer of new knowledge into practice and the popularisation of science. The foundation was established by the techtransfer company IOCB Tech, a subsidiary of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS (IOCB Prague), and for the first year of its operation it has received CZK 20 million. Read more